My Account
My Account is a secure, cloud based, critical messaging portal that allows individuals to send and receive messages, view receipts and replies and search their personal message history. Address book functionality along with dynamic group calls make critical messaging easier and more comprehensive than ever before.

The NEW Status feature allows clients to add an event with a specific date and time duration to define how to route and/or receive messages depending on the client's availability. Status choices include Available, Unavailable, Out of Office, Forwarding and Referral.
  • Available - The client is Available to receive messages on their messaging devices. All messages sent and/or received will appear in a client's Message History
  • Unavailable - Messages will continue to appear in a client’s Message History but their messaging devices are NOT alerted. Clients using a phone will hear a voice prompt stating the client is currently Unavailable (until specified date and time ) to receive messages.
  • Out of Office - Messages will continue to be delivered to all available messaging devices. Clients using a phone will hear a voice prompt stating the client is Out of the Office and their response may be delayed.
  • Forwarding - Allows a client to automatically forward their messages to another person's messaging device or email address. Messages continue to appear in the forwarding client’s Message History but their messaging devices will not be alerted. Both parties receive confirmation that a Forwarding relationship has been established and subsequent confirmations are provided when the status of the relationship changes.
  • Referral – Is a more traditional approach whereby clients using a phone are "Referred" or asked to call another person's phone number.

  • My Account is your one stop to manage your critical messages.

    The IntelliMessage® applications together with Message Manager and The CUE® with encryption provides a secure critical messaging solution.
    • No charge – unlimited applications and My Account access included in your pager rate
    • No hardware or on premise servers required
    • Manage all messaging from a single location
    Key Features
    • Secure critical messaging
    • Access your account securely over the web
    • Change your Status and re-route messages
    • Five convenient ways to change your status include IntelliMessage® Mobile and Desktop applications, Message Manager or Account Manager, email, IVR or a custom intranet link
    Product Specifications
    • Accesses and Integrates with traditional wide area paging systems
    • Accesses and integrates with Critical Messaging System records, messages, DIDs and PINS
    • Accesses and integrates with IntelliMessage® Mobile and Desktop, messages, records and addresses
    • Accesses and integrates with Account Manager records