Critical Messaging Devices
The top 3 attributes that answer the question... Why Paging for Critical Messaging?
One to many group messaging reaches all relevant team members simultaneously in seconds
The nature of the paging protocol cuts through the clutter and penetrates areas that are designed to keep other wireless technologies out. Superior in-building coverage penetrates areas inaccessible to current cellular technology such as radiology labs and deep basements
Long battery life
The most redundant and reliable technology for quickly and efficiently delivering and displaying critical messages to multiple recipients all at one time is paging.
One Way Messaging
  • Numeric Paging - Receive numeric messages or codes, up to 20 digits in length. It is the easy and most economical solution when all you need to communicate is a phone number.
  • Text/Alphanumeric Paging - Receive text messages up to 240 characters long. Text pages can be sent to a critical messaging address and not just a number when you register at
  • Travel throughout the U.S. and get access to reliable paging service on local, statewide, regional, and nationwide coverage options that meet your needs.