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Using proprietary and third-party wireless networks together with proprietary, secure mobile applications, American Messaging Services, LLC provides critical, secure messaging services throughout the United States.

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With over 35 years of experience, American Messaging is one of the largest critical messaging companies in the United States, and the largest privately-owned company focused exclusively on critical messaging.

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American Messaging
American Messaging3 days ago
🚨 Critical Messaging: Our Specialized Lane 🚨

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, clarity and reliability are paramount. That's why we specialize in Critical Messaging.

🔍 While clinical and critical messages coexist, they should remain distinct. Our solution components and workflows are designed to prioritize critical communications, providing a clear and reliable path for urgent alerts.

💼 Clinical messages have their lane, but when it comes to critical matters, trust the experts. Contact us today:

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American Messaging
American Messaging1 week ago
Today's massive cellular outage across the US proves that your most critical messages belong on a private wireless network from American Messaging. You never know when this type of event will happen. Back up and redundancy is key! Pagers AND the AMS Connect app. 3 networks are better than 1 for your most critical messages. #ATToutage #cellularoutage #pagers #patientsafety #CriticalMessaging #healthcarecommunication