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Using proprietary and third-party wireless networks together with proprietary, secure mobile applications, American Messaging Services, LLC provides critical, secure messaging services throughout the United States.

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With over 35 years of experience, American Messaging is one of the largest critical messaging companies in the United States, and the largest privately-owned company focused exclusively on critical messaging.

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American Messaging
American Messaging8 hours ago
Introducing our new AMS Connect feature: Schedule Sync ✨

Integrate seamlessly with scheduling software from Amion, Amtelco, and QGenda. Schedule Sync automatically opts users in and out of Service Teams based on their schedules, ensuring the right people get the message at the right time. No more managing schedules in multiple systems!
Contact us to today for a demo!
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American Messaging
American Messaging6 days ago
🌹Honoring the 80th Anniversary of D-Day🌹

Today, we honor the bravery and sacrifice of the Allied forces who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Their courage marked a turning point in WWII and shaped the future of freedom. Let's remember and pay tribute to the heroes who fought for our liberty. 🌹✨🙏

#DDay80th #RememberAndHonor #WWIIHeroes #FreedomFighters #NeverForget