1Call’s innovative Operator Console can now be combined with American Messaging’s critical messaging service to provide comprehensive clinical communications.

MCFARLAND, Wisconsin – June 10, 2019 — 1Call, a division of Amtelco, is pleased to announce their partnership with American Messaging Services, LLC (“American Messaging”), the largest private critical messaging company in the United States.

Combining 1Call’s Operator Console with American Messaging’s critical messaging service, will greatly improve critical communications in healthcare areas that are designed to keep other wireless technologies out. American Messaging’s superior in-building coverage penetrates areas inaccessible to current cellular technology such as radiology labs and deep basements.

Mike Friedel, 1Call’s Vice President of Sales stated, “Our operator consoles are loaded with features and advanced technologies, but we were missing a traditional messaging component. This exciting partnership with American Messaging elevates the capabilities of our operator consoles to better serve customers who utilize paging services.”

1Call’s Operator Console shortens call answering and transferring times, eliminates operator keystrokes, improves workflows, reduces training times, and eliminates errors – leading to an improved patient experience and lower labor costs.

Dave Andersen, American Messaging Chief Operating Officer noted, “We are thrilled to further integrate our commercial and private messaging networks with the 1Call platform. Paging remains the most reliable technology for critical healthcare communications and our partnership with Amtelco helps to optimize current workflows for our customers.”

About American Messaging Services, LLC

American Messaging is the largest private critical messaging company in the United States delivering more than 5 million critical messages per day. American Messaging provides service to approximately 750,000 customers, including more than 1,400 major healthcare and first responder clients across the United States. For more information visit

About 1Call

1Call, a division of Amtelco, is the leader in developing software solutions and applications designed for the specific needs of the healthcare call center marketplace. 1Call features a complete line of modular solutions specifically designed to streamline enterprise-wide communications, save an organization’s limited resources, and make them tremendously efficient, helping them bring wellness to their members and their bottom line. For more information visit

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