Account Manager

90% of our Customers Process Their Transaction Over the Internet

Account Manager is a convenient and easy way to manage your account and is available virtually anytime, day or night.

Account Manager is our comprehensive, user friendly online account management tool. There is no charge to access your account and as an administrator you can perform transactions according to your schedule.


  • View & print your billing statement
  • Set up Automatic Payment Plan
  • Order a new messaging device or exchange one
  • Add enhanced services
  • Track your orders
Key Features

  • Implementation of mobile applications
  • Intuitive look and feel
  • Quick and efficient
  • Secure cloud based 24/7 portal
  • Perform transactions and manage billing
Product Specifications

  • Accesses and administers traditional wide area messaging system accounts 
  • Accesses and administers Critical Messaging System accounts
  • Accesses and administers Mobile Application accounts

Account Manager Access Restrictions

American Messaging continuously strives to improve self-service tools available to our customers. We recently added new levels of administrative access, which means greater control over user-level access rights and improved control over account management.

Allowable transactions are set at an account level, as defined by you. Any user registered within your account will have access rights to perform only the transactions defined by the account restrictions. Additional Administrative Access can allow certain users greater functionality.

Account Level Restrictions

  • Restrict ability to perform specific transactions within specified accounts
  • Restrict ability to register specified accounts

Two Levels of Administrative Access

Basic Administrator Access
  • Administrators can register accounts on an individual basis using our account registration form
  • Administrators are allowed to perform and view all Account Manager functionality on registered accounts only
Super Administrator Access
  • All basic administrator functionality
  • Able to register restricted accounts
  • Allowed to perform and view all Account Manager functionality

If you do not wish to restrict transactions allowed on your account, then no action is required on your part. If you would like to restrict functionality to accounts and register users for greater access, please download the form below and return it to us by fax to (866) 804-9384 or email to

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