LEWISVILLE, TX — American Messaging Services, LLC and Raven Systems, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint marketing agreement to sell Raven System’s state of the art emergency and mass notification service, RAVENAlert. Unlike any other form of mass notification or system today, RAVENAlert has the ability to simultaneously notify recipients of a pending disaster or other emergency situation in less than one minute and to “geo target” messages to specific locations affected by a particular event.

RAVENAlert devices mount to a wall or sit on any flat surface and by utilizing the wireless messaging network of American Messaging a specified group of devices can simultaneously receive and broadcast messages. Myron Anduri, President of Raven Systems noted “broadband networks like those of the large wireless carriers and out dial telephone systems deliver messages sequentially, therefore the more messages to be sent, the longer it takes to deliver messages to all intended recipients or devices”. He went on to note “this fundamental issue, which in almost all emergency situations has delayed timely notification of emergency and other affected personnel, led us to American Messaging and its paging network”.

J. Roy Pottle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Messaging said “the fact that paging networks deliver messages simultaneously, rather than sequentially, makes these networks perfect for mass notification. For over forty years paging networks have delivered individual messages to multiple recipients simultaneously due to the unique grouping capability of paging.” Each RAVENAlert device can be programmed with as many as forty two thousand common addresses, or groups, and each group or RAVENAlert device programmed with that common address, regardless of the number of devices, will simultaneously receive messages sent to that common address.

The ability to send emergency or other critical notifications using the unique grouping capability associated with American Messaging’s network together with the RAVENAlert device provides the fastest possible method to simultaneously send and receive intelligent, location specific messages to a particular or defined group. In addition, follow up information can be sent according to the progress of a situation. It is the ideal solution for public buildings, residences, hospitals and schools, as well as outdoor public alerting.

Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, American Messaging Services, LLC is the second largest paging company in the United States, serving over 1.0 million customers on its nationwide messaging network.

Raven Systems, Inc. has extensive experience in electronics, digital paging, and software and hardware development. Raven Systems, Inc. provides state of the art products and valued expertise in the field of emergency mass notification. Raven Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

For inquiries please contact Jenna Richardson, VP Product Development at (623) 581-0740 or

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