AMS Connect is a HIPAA compliant Application for Critical Secure text messaging.

AMSConnect provides the same level of secure communication and redundancy which hospital and emergency service providers rely on every day. Simultaneously send messages to messaging devices and smartphones via the AMSConnect secure messaging app. This integrated messaging platform will deliver messages to the American Messaging messaging network, while simultaneously sending them to American Messaging’s secure messaging application.


  • “Page Connect” to integrate AMSConnect with your paging service and “Prime” for comprehensive secure text messaging functionality
  • No phone number, message dispatch or workflow changes required
  • Bundled pricing with your pager
  • Redundant messaging networks for improved reliability and convenience
  • Supported by your existing account manager, field technician and online portal!
Key Features

  • Page Connect and Prime versions
  • Customizable message retention
  • Pager integration
  • Peer to Peer secure messaging
  • Patient-centric messaging
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Secure external messaging
  • Service Teams

Cell phone numbers if provided will be used for delivering first time login links for credentials in our AMS Connect application as well as automated password reset requests.

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