Carrier Partners

Commitment to Our Partners

American Messaging is committed to providing our carrier partners network access and rebill critical messaging services at competitive prices.

We are also focused on providing an “easy to do business with” approach in support of your account. Our objective is to partner with critical messaging carriers to support the overall success of our industry.


Use your own phone numbers and access our networks at a low cost. This program allows Carriers to connect to our TNPP servers either by using the internet or via a private frame relay connection. Our new TNPP-LX application runs on the latest version of Linux powered by state of the art high speed Sun X4100 servers. This provides a robust and reliable platform. We are ready to accept your traffic.

Network Consolidation

Are you interested in reducing costs associated with operating your own critical messaging network, but want to continue supporting your customer base? In certain cases, American Messaging can host your frequencies in our existing network infrastructure. If our coverage is similar and capacity is available in your area, we can customize a proposal to host your customers. This opportunity allows you to take down transmitters reducing site rent and interconnection costs, while continuing to own your existing customer relationships.


Are you ready to retire from the critical messaging business? American Messaging would like to create “win/win” deals with local and regional critical messaging carriers interested in selling. American Messaging was formed through the acquisition and complete integration of several large critical messaging carriers. We have a wealth of experience in appropriately consolidating operations allowing both parties to realize significant value associated with a transaction.

How to Connect to American Messaging

American Messaging uses the TNPP-LX application application running on the latest version of Linux with state of the art high speed Sun X4100 servers.

American Messaging provides a backup/standby server, which is online and available at all times. The servers are located in Lewisville, Texas in a Technical Data Center with UPS power supplies that are backed up by diesel powered generators.

Connectivity to the TNPP servers can be implemented either by using the internet or via a private frame relay connection. For redundancy purposes our data center has both fiber and wireless connections to the internet.

If you would like to receive additional information about becoming a Carrier Partner, please call 972-353-1913 or complete the following form.

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