Critical Messaging Devices

Compass Alert Desk Device

No one works a room better than the American Messaging Compass Alert Sign Board.

Deliver critical messages to a location rather than an individual. Compass Alert uses the same dependable network infrastructure as your traditional messaging devices (either campus based or wide area messaging). Never get bogged down in sequential software programs where messages may get delayed or never delivered. Grouping capabilities – essential for situations where everyone needs to receive the same message at the exact same time.

Key Features

Compass Alert LED Display Sign Board
  • Real time clock
  • Wireless data input (provides 3 different data formats)
  • Lithium backup battery (preserves sign configuration & messages)
  • 10 Beep and melody patterns (programmable duration) & silent mode
  • 16 Capcode addresses available
Product Specifications

Compass Alert LED Display Sign Board
  • Available in 24 or 48 inches
  • 2 Line alphanumeric LED display with 1 line bold zoom
  • 4.75” Characters (can be read at a distance of 200 feet)
  • External BNC antenna included
  • Heavy duty aluminum, polycarbonate and ABS plastic