We left off discussing the importance of having a primary and secondary wireless network for your most critical messages. In this post we discuss connections utilized to send messages from internal and external messaging solutions. There are several types of protocols available to send messages from internal messaging systems to wireless networks with varying levels of security and reliability. The most prominent include SMTP, SNPP, WCTP and TAP. When developing your connection strategy, the following attributes are imperative to consider.

Security – Are you using protocols that are secure and protect PHI?

Redundancy – Do you have a back-up in place with dynamic fail-over?

Efficiency – Are you using protocols that deliver messages reliably and efficiently with low latency levels?

Convenience – Are end user access numbers easy to manage and utilize for internal and external messaging workflows?

Does your current connection strategy meet these standards? Contact your Senior Account Manager to ensure all critical messages are secure, reliable, and fast!


Team American Messaging