We left off discussing the importance of having distinct alerts notifying users of messages that are critical and time sensitive. In this post we discuss important things to consider regarding vendor customer service and support. Products and services can only solve problems if they are available and work as expected. We all wish technology was flawless, but experience indicates that unforeseen issues will arise. Without a proven process for delivery and support, the user experience can suffer diminishing the value of the product. Answer these questions to determine if your vendors have dependable workflows in place to service your account.

  • Does your vendor provide options to call directly for support with on hold times consistently under 30 seconds?
  • Does your vendor have efficient online support tools for service?
  • Does your vendor have engineers available to respond immediately during issues and outages?
  • Does your vendor have dedicated account managers to be your point guard for all aspects of service delivery?
  • Does your vendor respond rapidly after hours, holidays and weekends?
  • Does your vendor have monitoring technology that updates you of issues before you are made aware of them by your end users?
  • Does you vendor offer services with minimal outages and downtime?
  • Will your vendor walk the talk with contracted service levels?

Are you receiving the service and support that you deserve from your messaging vendors? Contact your Senior Account Manager to further align and discuss areas of improvement.

Team American Messaging