Critical Messaging System

Often referred to as an in-house or campus based system, our Critical Messaging System is a proprietary system built exclusively for your campus or facility.

The system is built using modern technology and is not dependent on any third-party wireless network, telecommunications provider or satellite service. It is specifically designed to operate independent of all other networks, making it the most reliable, secure and modern critical messaging system available. Our modern technology provides 100% redundancy for each component of the system including dynamic failover, ensuring uninterrupted service. All messages are delivered over the proprietary network and at no time does your messaging traffic leave your facilities. The system provides complete security and encryption for all messaging traffic, while at rest, in transit or on messaging devices, all in compliance with HIPAA standards.

Critical messages stay off congested public/third party commercial networks thereby enabling faster throughput times for time sensitive code messaging. Security and reliability are among the system’s most important attributes. When combined with our revolutionary encrypted messaging devices and our mobile and desktop apps, the system becomes a comprehensive, easy to deploy, low cost secure critical messaging solution.


  • Modern components and security keeping encryption on campus
  • Proprietary system for your campus or facility
  • Critical messages stay off congested public networks
  • Fast and consistent message delivery
  • Secure and reliable
  • Low cost and simple to deploy
System Requirements and Services

  • Traditional Messaging Devices now available with Encryption and dual frequency
  • The CUE®
  • Input Methods – TAP, Direct Connections, SNPP, SMTP, WCTP (WCTP is recommended as it is secure and encrypted)
  • Over the internet programming
  • Integration with American Messaging’s wide area messaging system with dual frequency
  • AMSConnect™ Mobile