Electronic Billing

Let American Messaging help you minimize the amount of time spent on billing reconciliation.

Electronic billing allows you to capture important information that is critical for billing reconciliation at the time service is activated. Open the file in your program of choice and you get to choose all the fields you want to capture like department names, cost centers and locations to fit your needs.


  • Invoice is customized according to your company needs
  • Company information is captured at the time of order entry by American Messaging
  • Invoice is delivered securely and conveniently
  • Single sign on to same program that you dispatch messages and process transactions
Key Features

  • Streamline your review and payment processes
  • Receive a printed invoice upon request
  • Increase efficiency – open the file on the format of your choice
  • Format is flexible for growth or changes in your company
If you currently have messaging devices in service with us and wish to have your account set up on Electronic Billing, please contact your sales representative.