Message Manager

Message Manager is a secure, cloud based, critical messaging portal used by administrators or other personnel responsible for an organization’s communication needs.

Send and receive messages, view receipts and replies and search message history of all recipients, either individually or as part of one or more groups. Address book functionality from the most basic to the most sophisticated along with dynamic group calls make dispatching critical messages easier and more comprehensive than ever before.

Message Manager effectively adds redundancy and reliability with robust administrator tools and custom reporting and archiving functions.


  • No hardware or on premise servers required
  • Secure cloud based critical messaging
  • Single sign on for Account Manager
Key Features

  • Administrator tools and reporting
  • Address book integration
  • Send and receive messages, search message history
  • Change your status and re-route your messages
Product Specifications

  • Access and integrate with traditional wide area messaging system records, messages, DIDs and PINs
  • Access and integrate with Critical Messaging System records, messages, DIDs and PINs
Message Manager is your ONE STOP to manage and administer critical messages.