AMSConnectTM Application Transition

Migrating to Our Updated Application

On Sunday November 1st at 12am PT we will be migrating all customers in the MOUNTAIN and PACIFIC time zones from the current Cureatr branded application to our newly branded and improved AMSConnect application.

  • There will be a maximum 6-hour maintenance window required to update the app and during this window the current Cureatr app will be locked with no messaging capability. This maintenance is scheduled for Sunday November 1st at 12am PT for the MOUNTAIN and PACIFIC time zones.
  • Please note that for users who have a pager integrated with their Cureatr app, they will continue to receive messages on their pager during the maintenance. 
  • Once the maintenance and update are completed, users will begin receiving messages on the newly branded AMSConnect application and the Cureatr version will no longer be available.
  • Starting September 30th for the MOUNTAIN and PACIFIC time zones, users can download the updated AMSConnect app and login with their current Cureatr credentials. The AMSConnect app will not be operational until the maintenance update is completed on November 1st. However, all users are required to download the updated app and login prior to the maintenance window so they begin getting messages on the updated AMSConnect app when the maintenance is complete. The current Cureatr app will stop working at the beginning of the maintenance window.

Will my pages and services transfer over?

Yes! All message history and services you were assigned to will come over in the updated application.

How do I download the app?

Please visit the Google Play store for Android or the Apple store for iOS.  Convenient links are provided at the bottom of this web page.

How do I log in?

Log in with your same credentials used for the Cureatr app.  If you need a password reset, please click the forgot password link on the login page of the AMS Connect app.

When is the update?

The update will take place on Sunday November 1st  at 12am PT for the MOUNTAIN and PACIFIC time zones. 

Will my message history still be there?

Yes! All message history will come over in the updated application.

Will my biometric (finger print/face) password migrate over in the update?

Unfortunately biometric passwords cannot migrate over. Users who do not know their password will be able to reset it in AMSConnect.

Where do I log into the web app?

Ready to get started? Get the app!

Already have the app? Login to AMSConnect Web Version