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Despite their age, these nine pieces of old technology are still going strong

Human innovation is a process as old as time. But sometimes new does not necessarily mean better, and some old technology is not really obsolete. In fact, many of humanity's earliest discoveries are still used today.

CEO Magazine interview with American Messaging Founder J Roy Pottle

Back in 2005, a boutique investment bank asked Roy Pottle if he was interested in acquiring Southwestern Bell Corporation’s paging subsidiary. At that time, demand for mobile phones was on the rise

Making the Case: Why Pagers and Smartphones Should Wed

Clinicians in healthcare settings typically have information coming at them from all directions, at all times, and often with little distinction as to the level of urgency. It makes for inefficiency and confusion for today’s busy doctor.

New $5,000,000 Supply Agreement and Our Ongoing Commitment to Customers

We previously outlined our commitment to customers by highlighting a long list of initiatives undertaken over the last three years to ensure we use modern, redundant, and secure technologies throughout our networks and message delivery processes.

Important MyAirMail Upgrade

In our ongoing effort to continuously offer the most modern, reliable and secure applications, we are upgrading the current MyAirMail dispatch portal to a new look and feel called Message Manager.

Global Critical Messaging Association recaps 2020 progress highlighting critical messaging has gained even greater importance in crisis situations

The Critical Messaging Association, a global association of stakeholders in alternative communications, has had a successful year. Success is defined primarily by the expansion of market access for member companies and increased recognition of specialized communications in times of particularly critical situations.

Board of Directors for the Worldwide Critical Messaging Association releases new website

The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is the industry association for companies dedicated to the wireless delivery of time-sensitive, critical messages in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Our members include network operators, manufacturers and other organizations whose common goal is to deliver reliable, - among others - point-to-multipoint simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions and other support for critical and non-critical communications.

COVID-19 Update from American Messaging Leadership

COVID-19 Update from American Messaging Leadership. We are here 24/7 and ready to assist our healthcare and first responder customers. Stay safe everyone!

COVID-19 Response from American Messaging

With national attention on the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that each day brings more uncertainty for businesses and our communities. Our teams are closely monitoring developments on the pandemic and are taking the appropriate steps — consistent with CDC and WHO

In the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that about 90% of hospitals continue to use pagers in their institutions

Hospital technology is constantly advancing. Health records are being digitized, telehealth tools are emerging, and equipment is changing in order for procedures to become less invasive.