State Government Contract

American Messaging’s Contract with the State of Texas

American Messaging Texas State Government Agencies

American Messaging offers pre-negotiated, government-based wireless services for Texas State Government Agencies under the DIR (Department of Information Resources) contract # DIR-TSO-3435 making it easy for you to take advantage of American Messaging discounted rates.

Why should I choose American Messaging

When choosing American Messaging you are able to benefit from our 25+ years of paging experience and our continuously strong track record of customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Support: Rest easy knowing that if you ever have a need for assistance our goal is to satisfy your request the first time you call. Feel secure that if your issue can’t be resolved during the course of your first call, we’ll take the responsibility to get back to you with an answer.

American Messaging staffs an inbound queue of Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) and off-line CSR’s for additional email and fax support. Telephone support hours are from 7:00am to 7:00pm (CST), with after hours assistance being available 24×7. Offline support (fax and email) is available from 7:00am to 5:00pm (CST). Supervisors are staffed 24×7 for your convenience. Should you require additional assistance, please contact your account executive.

Travel Throughout the United States: Get access to paging service on local, statewide, regional, and nationwide coverage options that meet your needs. Enjoy coverage in 50 of the top 50 major metro areas in addition to 98 of the top 100 and beyond.

Purchase Orders:

Purchase orders must include the DIR Contract Number. DIR-TSO-3435

To place a purchase order please fax: 800-643-6498 Attn: Shannon Harrah Glenn, or via email to

For customer service:
Call us at 888-260-3801
Send us an email.
Send us a fax at 800-967-8306


For more information
Please contact our
Sales Department at



Click here to learn more about the DIR Telecom Contract Program Overview


  • Receive numeric messages or codes, up to 24 digits in length.
  • The perfect solution when a phone number is all that is needed to stay in touch.
  • Convenient, economical and easy to use.


  • Allows receipt of a text message sent directly to the pager.
  • Text paging provides full text messaging capability and potentially eliminates the need for a return phone call.
  • Text paging allows the receipt of messages from email. Co-workers, friends and family can send messages to your pager via, or by <10-digit pager #>


Available Products


This pricing is subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the State of Texas DIR.


ServiceMonthly Rate
(Includes Lease)
Page Allowance
Per Month
Charge Per Page
Over Allowance
Local*$ 1.67 per month

Statewide*$ 1.95 per monthUnlimitedN/A
Regional$ 5.41 per monthUnlimitedN/A
Nationwide$10.17 per monthUnlimitedN/A
*Local service includes one or more Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Statewide service includes major MSAs within a state.


ServiceMonthly Rate
(Includes Lease)
Page Allowance
Per Month
Charge Per Page
Over Allowance
Local*$ 4.47 per month
Statewide*$ 4.96 per monthUnlimitedN/A
Regional$ 8.19 per monthUnlimitedN/A
Nationwide$13.17 per monthUnlimitedN/A
*Local service includes one or more Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Statewide service includes major MSAs within a state.
** Two hundred forty (240) character limit per page.

Third Party Carrier Pricing: In certain instances, American Messaging may utilize third party carriers to provide paging services. The pricing contained herein is based on services provided directly by American Messaging. If we determine that the use of a third-party carrier is necessary, the associated service costs will be negotiated separately.


Group Paging$ 1.49 per month, unlimited
Voice Mail Pkg. A (5 msgs/60 sec/24 hr ret)$ 0.50 per month
Voice Mail Pkg. B (10 msgs/60 sec/24 hr ret)$ 0.99 per month
Voice Mail Pkg. C (15 msgs/60 sec/48 hr ret)$ 1.49 per month
Voice Mail Pkg. D (20 msgs/60 sec/72 hr ret)$ 1.99 per month
Voice Mail Pkg. E (25 msgs/120 sec/72 hr ret)$ 2.48 per month
800 Number Voice Mail (20 msgs/60 sec/72 hr ret)$ 5.96 per month
Reflex Voice Mail (10 msgs/30 sec/72 hr ret)$ 3.92 per month
Secondary 800/888/877 Number$ 2.98 per month
Local Secondary NumberNo Charge
Custom GreetingNo Charge
PageSaver™ Numeric RetrievalNo Charge
Page ForwardingNo Charge
Operator DispatchStarting at $ 12.90 per month
Alpha Paging SoftwareStarting at $ 29.73 per copy
Alpha Sending Device$ 4.96 per month
Pagecopy™$ 1.95 per address per month


As an option, we offer our Pager Replacement Program (PRP) at a low monthly rate per unit, which will expediently replace any pager that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair for the prices listed below.


ServiceMonthly RateLoss Fee with PRPLoss Fee without PRP
*Replacement cost of equipment without PRP is based on current retail rates for similar equipment and/or accessories.
Note: American Messaging reserves the right to change or discontinue equipment models during an Agreement.


American Messaging deploys automated order fulfillment as soon as the State orders a new or replacement pager. As an element of our excellent Customer Service, a representative can initiate the shipping order and prioritize it to meet the State’s needs for the pager(s) to arrive at the desired location and time. Cut-off time for orders to be sent out the same day is 4:00pm, Central Standard Time, and American Messaging will pass on any charges that are incurred for shipping and handling. American Messaging will provide at no charge to the State return labels for leased equipment that must be returned.



Prices stated in this Proposal do not include state and local sales tax, and other applicable taxes, fees, charges, or pass-through assessments.

Please note: If any federal, state or local government tax, fee, duty, or surcharge (collectively referred to as a “Tax”) is required by applicable law to be collected from Customer by Carrier, then (a) Carrier shall bill Customer for such Tax, (b) Customer shall timely remit such Tax to Carrier, and (c) Carrier shall, where applicable, remit such collected Tax to the appropriate taxing authority. If Carrier does not collect a Tax because Customer has provided Carrier with evidence of exemption, and if such as an exemption is later determined to be inadequate, then, as between Carrier and Customer, Customer shall be liable for such uncollected Tax and for all interest, penalties and additions to Tax which are determined to be due with respect to such uncollected Tax.