Automated management and control of remote devices are critical to achieving the productivity gains and efficiencies that businesses and government agencies need to operate more effectively.

Solutions that streamline control of remote devices like power meters, computer servers, or other systems, are an integral part of meeting today’s business objectives. The key to unlocking the potential of such solutions, is delivering affordable control of these remote devices. And today that means wireless Intelligent Remote Control. Many carriers offer wireless service, but it is the quality and dependability of a company’s wireless network that matters. When you partner with American Messaging, you will benefit from flexible wireless solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry. Plus, you will get excellent value and top-notch customer support, all built on our proprietary messaging networks.


  • Pay per message pricing available
  • Custom applications such as:
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  • Irrigation and more
Key Features

  • Utilities – power control (connect/disconnect), meters, HVAC, thermostats, power distribution
  • IT departments – remote reboot, servers and routers, kiosks and POS terminals
  • Local governments – lighting and signage control, lights, signs, firehouses
Product Specifications

  • Requires connection to an American Messaging network
  • Wireless services rely on radio transmissions; messages may not reach all end units due to interference