Government Sales

American Messaging sales to federal, state and local government agencies.

American Messaging offers pre-negotiated, government-based critical messaging products and services for Federal, State and Local Government Agencies through the General Service Administration’s Federal Supply Schedule (contract #GS-35F-00514S) making it easy to take advantage of discounted government rates.

American Messaging offers a dedicated Government Account Team and Customer Support for Government Accounts to ensure accuracy and speed in fulfilling requests. Our Government Account Team works to design cost-effective solutions that specifically fit agencies’ needs.


  • Pre-negotiated contract
  • Discounted rates
  • GSA-FSS Contract # GS-35F-0514S
Key Features

  • Dedicated government account team
  • Accurate billing
  • Fast fulfillment

Current State & Government Contracts

Federal Contracts

  • GSA
  • Netcom BPA
State Contracts

City and County Contracts (partial)