Modern Technology

Over the past two years, American Messaging has made significant investments to develop new, modern components for each element of its systems.

These advancements include new wireless critical messaging transmitters and switches that require minimal space and ongoing support. We are excited to bring the culmination of our efforts to current and prospective customers and look forward to working together to meet their critical messaging needs.

Modern Data Center Technology

We maintain, secondary and tertiary connections of 200Mbps for internet messaging applications and multi-homed border gateway protocol connections to connect our internet messaging services, providing dynamic failover for internet connectivity.

Our critical messaging networks and data center use fully redundant Cisco firewalls, internet routers, switches and internet applications using Kemp load balancers.

We use virtual critical messaging servers to provide redundancy, network reliability and security, eliminating potential hardware failures resulting from worn or dated hardware.

Modern Uplink & Controller Technology

  • We maintain two fully redundant uplink facilities that provide:
  1. Automatic power control to increase power automatically during periods of poor weather
  2. Dual-link capability to re-route traffic from one uplink to the other
  3. Redundant uplink processing equipment which fails over automatically in the event of  hardware failure
  4. Redundant routers and circuit connections from our data center to the uplink equipment in each facility
  5. Hot standby router protocol or “HSRP” providing dynamic failover in the event of a router or connection failure
  6. Dual generators and dual UPS systems and services for back-up power requirements at each location
  • Our Network Interface Unit and Frequency Controller were both designed specifically for American Messaging by a third-party in the Netherlands using standard, commercial hardware and proprietary software
  • We use modern network management software, featuring a suite of SolarWinds’ products, including Network Configuration Management, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor and Network Topology Mapper to provide network visibility and operating efficiencies

Modern Transmitter & Switching Technology

  • We use modern critical messaging transmitters specifically designed and manufactured for American Messaging by a third-party in Australia – these transmitters are approximately one-eighth the size and weight of traditional transmitters
  • We utilize a modern proprietary Critical Messaging Gateway that leverages modern hardware and software, replacing dated switches. Our proprietary Critical Messaging Gateway provides numeric, alpha-numeric, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) functions, enhanced critical messaging features including comprehensive encryption
  • Our VoIP platform allows us to convert messages initiated via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to a centralized VoIP routing system. We are actively moving our messaging traffic to our VoIP platform, which provides improved network reliability and increased bandwidth, eliminating “Robo-Dialer” issues
  • Our premise and cloud-based backup systems use a Storage Area Network (SANS) and Hyper-V technology