Critical Messaging Devices


Why use our messaging devices for critical messaging?

American Messaging provides the most redundant and reliable technology for quickly and efficiently delivering and displaying critical messages to multiple recipients at one time. The nature of our wireless messaging protocol cuts through the clutter and penetrates areas that are designed to keep other wireless technologies out. Superior in-building coverage reaches areas inaccessible to current wireless technology such as radiology labs and deep basements. One-to-many group messaging reaches all relevant team members simultaneously in seconds, and critical messaging devices offer a much longer battery life than cell phones.

Optional Services

We have numerous Optional Services available to enhance your critical messaging experience. Contact your Account Manager today or click here to customize the perfect solution for your organization using any combination of the following Optional Services.

Contact us to set up Optional Services if you are a new customer or you don’t have an Account Manager.

Critical Messaging System

Our Critical Messaging System is a campus or in house based messaging system. Critical messages stay off public networks which ensure fast throughput and consistent message delivery. Low cost and simple to deploy.


PageCopy allows customers to have messages that are sent to their pager to be copied to an unlimited number of addresses or devices such as email and SMS.

*NOT secured or encrypted therefore NOT HIPAA Compliant.

Group Call

There are several types of group calls available. The most popular is the Common Address Group Call, which can be managed by a customer with the use of equipment programmed to distribute the same text or numeric message to a pre-established group of messaging devices. Group call can also be accomplished by American Messaging applying additional common cap codes to messaging devices at the time of order fulfillment.

Voice Mail / Custom Greeting

Voice Mail allows callers to leave personal voice messages in a messaging device’s private mailbox. The device then notifies the owner that a message is waiting.

Custom Greeting enables a customer to personally greet those sending a message. The greeting can be updated as often as desired.


MessageSaver™ ensures that messages are not missed if the device is left at home, leaves the coverage area, or if the battery runs down. With MessageSaver™ the user simply calls the device number and retrieves the last 15 messages including the time and date the messages were sent.

Message Forwarding

Message Forwarding allows messages that are sent from one messaging device to another, to be delivered to third device.

For more robust forwarding features, please visit AMSConnect.

Secondary/Toll Free Numbers

Secondary and Toll Free Numbers are perfect for distribution to clients or associates who are located nationwide.

Operator Dispatch

Operator Dispatch is a 24/7 live operator answered dispatch service that will send alphanumeric messages to the intended recipients.

Dispatch Software

Dispatch software is available as a convenient method to send messages from a personal computer.

Secure Connect

Already have a secure messaging solution deployed? We’ve got you covered with SecureConnect.

You can also easily manage your account with these helpful online tools: