As we enter 2024 the landscape for healthcare communication continues to evolve and we wanted to provide a short overview regarding our perspective as nationwide leaders in the critical communications industry for healthcare. Healthcare Communication has advanced throughout the years from the days of paging and PBX to a much broader product suite which now includes comprehensive clinical communication platforms. Along the way variables such as wireless coverage, economics, security, and demographics have driven the decision-making process for new technology investments and implementations. The clarity that has emerged within our expansive base of hospitals is that healthcare organizations require a fully integrated clinical communication platform to improve care while not losing sight of the imperative requirement to retain and augment a critical communication solution for emergencies. Clinical Communication systems that fully integrate with health record systems deliver patient information with context improving the quality of care while extracting cost from the system. Critical Communication systems deliver time sensitive and urgent messages securely over a dedicated network that can be simultaneously sent over multiple wireless networks for added redundancy and reliability. It has become evident from our customers that relying on a clinical system for critical messages or a critical system for clinical messages reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of each respective solution. In summary, clinical and critical messaging solutions reside in two separate lanes and each support valuable workflows that improve patient care and safety.

Team American Messaging