Need critical messages to reach your staff instantly, wherever they are? Get AMSConnect!

AMSConnect provides the same level of secure communication and redundancy which hospital and emergency service providers rely on every day. Simultaneously send messages to messaging devices and smartphones via the AMSConnect secure messaging app. This integrated messaging platform will deliver messages to the American Messaging messaging network, while simultaneously sending them to American Messaging’s secure messaging application.


  • Integrate existing American Messaging critical messaging solutions
  • Simultaneously send messages to messaging devices and secure messaging apps
  • Enjoy workflow continuity with no changes to messaging processes
  • Add secure messaging apps to existing messaging devices
  • Read receipts on messages sent
Key Features

  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • Password lock
  • Individual, group or distribution list messaging
  • Secure push notifications
  • Encrypted Patient Health Information at the disk or database level
  • To set up a demo, email: